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IMAfiction portrait #02 / #07: Anne La Berge / Rebekah Wilson – Screening 
Anne La Berge + Rebekah Wilson – Talk & Live performance 
24.9., 8pm echoraum Vienna 

Rebekah Wilson and Anne La Berge have crossed paths for more than 20 years as performers, researchers, teachers and friends. Each of their interactions has added
a new facet to their intricately woven relationship, in which their discussions about
music, networks and life have neither beginning nor end. They simply continue to
spin their shared story.

For this event, Anne will interview Rebekah and Rebekah will interview Anne. They
will delve into their own IMAfictions from long ago and trace the connections from
then to now.

There will be words, songs, sounds and music. 

Anne La Berge © Keke Keukelaar

Anne La Berge
A portrait by Rebekah Wilson (2015) 

"Anne La Berge's particular strength lies not only in her virtuoso playing or her lively interest in technology - she also clearly enjoys it.Whether she approaches this topic humorously or circles around it reflectively, one thing is beyond doubt: her sharp mind, scientifically trained by her father, does not ignore the audience and their feelings, but she is never so preoccupied with herself that she cannot act in the here and now.Her music and performances are free of any cynicism or postmodern criticism that does not allow for joy.Her music is fascinating and infectious. 
As a listener, you marvel at her technique and want to know if her stories are true and where she draws her inspiration from. As a composer-performer, you want to be on stage with her.
We are lucky to have female composer-performers like Anne. I, for one, have always felt particularly comfortable on stage when Anne was there. Her music and her personality are an almost inexhaustible source of strength, and as she is constantly travelling, performing and teaching all over the world, I am sure that many, many others have also experienced how unwavering her joy in art is and how uncompromisingly she shares her passions." (Rebekah Wilson) 


Rebekah Wilson © Rebekah Wilson

Rebekah Wilson
A portrait by Elisabeth Schimana (2006) 

"Rebekah Wilson aka Netochka Nezvanova is pure fiction. For years she named herself after a character in a novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, trained as a composer, haunted the web and became an icon during her lifetime. It was not until 2002 that she reappeared as a physical person and became a curator at STEIM in Amsterdam. In her current rebirth phase as Rebekah Wilson, she also finds her way back to her home country of New Zealand, from where she set out to be Netochka Netzvanova." (Elisabeth Schimana)