Iris Dittler APNOE (Installation & performance)
Daniela Palma Caetano Auer Celestial Objects: Singularities (graphic works)
echoraum Vienna

Daniela Palma Caetano Auer — Celestial Objects: Singularities

Colours resonate with each other, layer up and create a dynamic compression.
A system is created in constant motion, of which only one moment is ever
depicted. By dealing with the unknown and the infinite, new spaces open up
and an inner process is initiated. Space has not only been created for observation
and investigation, but also for learning and reflecting in concentration and clarity.
Insights into previously invisible processes can be gained.

Iris Dittler — APNOE

Based on the concern with the materiality of her own body, the artist
constructs sculptures made of metal, latex, textiles and plexiglass,
among other things.
They are equivalents of bodily states and refer to concrete bodily tensions.
In dealing with the objects, they are re-“activated” during the performance.



Salon Limusin 
Tanja Fuchs – Electronics
Aurora Hackl Timón – Schlagzeug
Tamara Imlinger – Klavier, E-Orgel, Stimme
Theresia Emm – Live-Visuals
echoraum Vienna 

Short prose meets music, sound performance meets spoken word,
radio play meets live watercolour, concert meets colours, concept meets
improvisation, art meets participation.

Music and visuals are improvised. The clearly and accessible stories
are set to music and illustrated by Imlinger. The text is based on two
sets of postcards that Imlinger created as part of a literary grant in the
Donau-Auen National Park and as a writer in a castle in Upper Austria.
Short prose, mini dramas or letter elements adorn those pages of
postcards that are otherwise pre-produced with an image, revolve
around wallpaper, gender attributions and figures such as Rapunzel,
talking about the Nazi era, wild boars and terrapins.

The audience was able to design postcards themselves and display
them on site together with cards by Imlinger as well as excerpts from
Emm's watercolour paintings that were created during the performance.
This exhibition will be on view in the echoraum until the end of April.
Visitors can describe maps, add to them, send them by post or keep
them for themselves.



Raum für Notizen
concieved for an ex-GDR border watchtower
in Berlin Treptow, summer 2022
Karø Goldt (Berlin) – video and notes 
Otto Hashmi (London) – flute and composition
echoraum Vienna 

Raum für Notizen is a collaboration between Karø Goldt (video and notes/Berlin) and Otto Hashmi (composition and live music/London).
2022 the project was conceived for a former GDR border watchtower in Berlin-Treptow, where Goldt had TheWatch residency. In close exchange, a concept was developed in which the visual (exhibition of notes and video loop) and the acoustic entered into a dialogue on a theme. It was about regaining trust, it was about this particular place in German history that embodied division, mistrust and constriction. 

In the echoraum in Vienna, the theme was taken up again and adapted to the space. The focus was on recorder playing with electronic composition in combination with video and the exhibition of notes by the artist. The theme of the notes was no longer limited to regaining confidence, but expanded to include the artist's everyday work.
Starting with the notion of "space for notes", usually found at the end of travel or cookbooks over still blank pages, Goldt and Hashmi expanded this into a real space for a multitude of notes – musically as well as visually.



Maja Osojnik Exposition 01.03  – sound performance 
Michaela Schwentner re-BIRDING – screening 
sehsaal Vienna

re-BIRDING investigates ecological and economic contexts and impacts with regard to the ongoing extinction of species and the dwindling biodiversity on earth, especially in Europe. The film highlights events and failures of past times as well as current situations of bird species in Europe. Inspired by transdisciplinary research projects, narratives about birds and referring to the current status of the Red Bird Index lists, representatives of endangered or already extinct bird species have their say and reflect on contemporary society. They reflect on contemporary society, its ecological and economic structures as well as their view of the environment and ask to what extent human intervention in the natural environment affects biodiversity and ultimately us humans. The film also reflects on (historical) colonial and ecological violence and alternative collective activities of reparation, recovery and restoration in terms of a sustainable and harmonious relationship with the environment, the land.

Before the screening, Maja Osojnik performed her 9-channel composition Exposition 01.03 outside the Seesaal.



30.5., 20 Uhr
Wir fühlen uns bemüssigt
A multimedia performance by Maria Peters & Vera Sebert
pt 1. Fluid features of a visual apparatus – software-based media montage by Vera Sebert
pt 2. Please consider me a budgie today – performance by Maria Peters
echoraum, Vienna 

Maria Peters and Vera Sebert both work – albeit in completely different ways – at the interface of visual art and language. In her work, Vera Sebert explores the digital possibilities of text production and text staging respectively. You can expect experimental short films, a web-based computer game and algorithm-controlled montages. Language appears as a tipping figure that oscillates between sign, image and sound. At the same time, it builds a bridge between virtual and real space.  
In her language performance, Maria Peters will interact both vocally and physically with a film and sound level, her object-like props will be arranged in the course of the performance to form a final image - which will ultimately amalgamate with an algorithmic work by Vera Sebers.

short video documentation of the performance by Vera Sebert


XX Y X / ORF musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst / OE1 Kunstradio cooperation:
Presentation of 2 Shape+ Artists in Residence 
Thea Soti w/ Christine Schörkhuber & Verena Dürr 
performative installation in the frame of Independent Space Index Festival
kluckyland, Vienna

Sonic Exegesis
Yara Mekawei, Ulla Rauter, Hui Ye
live performance in 3 parts on the occasion of 30 years of Zeit-Ton
Radiokulturhaus, Studio 3, Vienna 

by Verena Dürr, Christine Schörkhuber and Thea Soti

Thea Soti, Christine Schörkhuber and Verena Dürr are immersed in a joint research on how stories influence our perception of nature and with which narratives we confront the climatic changes on the planet, which we as humans significantly cause. The literary current of the NewWeird strives for a perspective that also includes the vague, the fluid. What expression can we give to the incomprehensible, the uncanny, the strange that we are confronted with in a globalised world? What can be learned from the strange and the weird in order to confront the ecological transformation processes that we are facing or are already in the midst of? Not only us humans, but all of us! How do we abolish ourselves as the centre of the world in order to see ourselves as part of the world, in order to feel responsible for the world again?
It is about a practice of becoming permeable, of penetrating, of letting oneself be penetrated, of caring. It is about communicating with plants. About cooperating with the "inhuman". Even if and precisely because it is weird.

© Michaela Schwentner

© ORF musikprotokoll, Fränk Zimmer 

© ORF musikprotokoll, Fränk Zimmer

20.6., 8pm
Katharina Ernst
le temps_____
a solo for drums and metal objects in five states

live set & finissage of her exhibition So Many Ways
echoraum, Vienna 

Katharina Ernst's composition le temps is a precise preoccupation with a setup that does completely without feeds and electronics. The explicit beating of the instruments is only one of many rhythm-giving elements alongside wiping, opening, closing, ringing, stroking and breathing. Classical ways of playing the drumset are extended by the use of beats and instruments from traditional Korean music, the samul nori. High-frequency everyday objects such as bicycle bells and a bathtub plug complete the detailed sound picture.
Simple and concentrated compositional forms such as the gradual opening of a sound space over a longer period of time, the cyclical representation of waves or the deliberate use of acoustic shocks precede a complex polymetric structure that unfolds from this, which shows itself in the last part of the programme as a consequence of the preceding focus: as a fanning out of complexity, as a multi-dimensional space.

The solo show formed the closing point of Katharina's exhibition So Many Ways.


12.9., 8pm
Karo Preuschl FRAGMENTS   
solo performance (voice, electronics) 
echoraum, Vienna 

Fragments of a never-ending experiment.
Fragments of a love song that has never been played before.
Fragments of a piece of childhood, which seems so odd.
Fragments of a person wondering what it means to be whole.
Fragments of sounds floating through the air like ghosts.
Fragments of ideas that are similar to fish. Difficult to capture.
Fragments of moments, washed out and faded.
Fragments of fragments.



7.11., 8pm
Anna Katharina Laggner 
Reading Performance: Bewunderung (from Female Positions) and Fremdlinge 
Christina Ruf 
Issues of Time, Space and Dreams (solo show)
echoraum Vienna

Anna Katharina Laggner (c) Aleksandra Pawloff 

Christina Ruf (c) Deniz Örs

Female Positions - 20 positions in the form of analyses, experiences, aspirations and approaches to change that depict the here and now from a female perspective - 20 angles for locating gender justice. There is still much to do ...
Contributions by: Ljuba Arnautovic, ́Daniela Banglmayr, Susanne Baumann, Tanja Brandmayr, Elisabeth Cepek-Neuhauser, Conny Erber, Katja Fischer, Sabine Gebetsroither, Johanna Grubner, Beate Hausbichler, Sandra Hochholzer, Anna Katharina Laggner, Verena Koch, Mari Lang, Barbi Markovíc, Eva Sangiorgi, Claudia Seigmann, Tanja Traxler, Hiroko Ueba, Claudia Wegener.
Female Positions was voted one of the most beautiful books in Austria.

Anna Katharina Laggner 
born 1977 in Graz, studied International Economic Relations and lives as an author, radio producer and artist in Vienna
and Upper Austria. She is a programme designer and presenter for Ö1 and writes about film for FM4. As a sound artist, she has realised audio pieces and installations for the Styrian Autumn, the Festival of Regions or the nGbK Berlin, among others. Publications in anthologies, including Female Positions. "Fremdlinge" is her first novel, published by Residenz Verlag. She will do a reading performance using quotes of her novel "Fremdlinge" and her text "Bewunderung" from Female Positions.

Blurb "Fremdlinge" ("Strangers"): 
A doctor surprisingly tells the author that there is life inside her. She has a son, now she is pregnant again. With twins. Many discussions later she decides against an abortion. And she realises that a twin pregnancy seems to be public property: doctors and relatives, complete strangers and friends, yoga teachers and work colleagues - all assess and advise and feel the growing belly. With unflinching humour, Anna Katharina Laggner explores the mystery of being three in one and keeps a record of her life with and among "strangers", of erotic dry spells and social impositions, of her fears and of the joy that is also there, again and again.


Christina Ruf works in tonal and formative dimensions on and through her instrument, that only on reflection suggest classical playing. Rather, through her use of a 6-string electric cello, various effect pedals and electronics to influence, manipulate and expand the form and sound, she manipulates and extends, giving it a unique expression. Often constructing expansive, dark soundscapes, she manages with her work, to create an authentic wealth of ideas, that not only deliver a performance, but move you.


5.12., 8pm
Christine Schörkhuber & Verena Dürr 
experimental live audio piece
echoraum Vienna

MOTORHERZ is both a sound sculpture and an audio piece.
Based on research into the invention of the electric motor and the history of electricity, MOTORHERZ was created as an artistic audio and object installation. This was presented for the first time in a gondola of the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel as part of the supradisciplinary festival Milkyway im Luftwaggon, initiated by composer and performance artist Georg Nussbaumer.

Christine Schörkhuber's rich fund of sounds can be heard through the MOTORHERZ object: analogue machine sounds from the last few decades. A wide variety of engines hiss, rattle, crackle, chirp, rustle and click, as well as letterpresses and printers. As well as construction site sounds and the steam engines of passionate steam engine collector and technology expert Bertram Hofer, who comments on Verena Dürr's poetic associations with industrialisation, inventiveness, striving for progress and belief in progress with his stories about the development of the steam engine. "Motorherz" is dedicated to the feeling of speed of our time triggered by technological progress. A wild and playful piece about our inner drives and impulses.

Idea and object realisation: Christine Schörkhuber
Text and sound: Christine Schörkhuber and Verena Dürr
Steam engine expert: Bertram Hofer

Speakers: Verena Dürr and Bertram Hofer