21.5. 2024, 8pm
IMAfiction #08: Electric Indigo
Electric Indigo
Live performance
echoraum Vienna

IMAfiction portrait #08 ELECTRIC INDIGO
Directed by Michaela Schwentner (2016)

Her many years of simultaneous presence in DJ club scenes, conceptually experimental contexts, dancefloor-focussed productions and multimedia installation performances have repeatedly confirmed that Susanne Kirchmayr stands for an intelligent and outstanding interpretation of electronic music. 
Electric Indigo's versatility has led her to performances in niche scenes in Vienna and Berlin, which have been realised with innovative composition techniques, designed as sophisticated sound art. Despite all these different forms of expression, interests and developments, Kirchmayr never thought of having to split herself up in the process. "I don't have a main occupation," she explains in an interview, "everything I do is evenly divided between performances, working on experimental compositions, Djing and club music." Her conceptual composition project Barry Duffman was presented at Wien Modern in 2015 as a contribution to N°1: A Phenomenology of Pop. 

Michaela Schwentner is an artist filmmaker, curator based in Vienna. Exhibitions and screenings (selection): Centre Pompidou Paris, Manifesta 4, UCLA Los Angeles, Short Film Festival Oberhausen, B3 Frankfurt, Sundance Independent Film Festival, FIDMarseille, Viennale, EMAF Osnabruck, Cork Filmfest, Leeds Film Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival, LIFF London, IFFR Rotterdam